Services for Government

In this information error, governments are adopting e-governance where ICT guides the way service delivery is delivered to the masses. ICT provides tools that can be leveraged to attain efficient service delivery. However, to achieve this, processes need to be modified and re-aligned to incorporate e(electronic)-modes of operation.

Our team has a deep understanding and experience in delivering ICT strategy, architecture, governance and mitigating risk across business processes. Billbrain Technologies has positioned itself as a private enterprise capable of providing independent, informed and reliable advisory on strategies to achieve seamless adoption of e-government service delivery, with a vender-neutral professional team, we are also in capable to manage the overall implementation of the solution to ensure optimum delivery through; strategic planning, risk Management, procurement management, ICT project management, server environments management, network facilities management, ICT security management and auditing, as well as general ICT consulting services.

We also offer;  staff ICT refresher course trainings to ensure that the teams responsilbe for service delivery are up-to-date with the latest trends in Information technology and use of ICT in efficiently delivering information and services to the masses.